The Royal Winnipeg Rifles are recruiting!


Members of the Army Reserve are citizens who are paid to take military training on a part-time basis to assist and augment the Regular Force in meeting Canada’s military commitments. In addition to their part-time work, members of the Army Reserve can take full-time courses during the summer months, or apply for full-time positions once they have received sufficient training. The primary trades in The Royal Winnipeg Rifles are Infantry Soldier and Infantry Officer. Learn More

How to join the Band

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Band, 38 Brigade's official brass and reed band, is a marching band. The Band also plays concert selections, modern and classical arrangements and contemporary music. The Band rehearses every Thursday evening beginning in September through to June. Most performances occur on weekends.

The first step to joining the Band is to contact Recruiting (Learn More). If there is a position available for your instrument and you meet recruiting eligibility, you will be invited to attend a few rehearsals and live audition for the Band’s Director of Music. During the audition, you will be required to: play prepared pieces of your choice; play sight reading material; play with the full band or a smaller ensemble; play scales, arpeggios and chords; and, participate in an interview.

You should be prepared to supply a copy of the prepared music that you intend to play. Sight reading and ensemble materials will be supplied by the auditioner. Scales and chords should be played from memory. After a successful audition, you will begin the process of joining the Canadian Army.